What Our Clients Say About Us

I love this pilates studio. They are so helpful and accomodating. Even at my advanced age (60+) I can see sculpting. My knees are stronger too!

Randa H.

 I have lost 10 pounds and gained bone density in my hips, my doctor is proud of the progress I have made in a short time and encourages me to continue with IMX Pilates.

Nannette T.

 I bought a 1 Month Trail not sure if I would like it considering I had no idea what pilates was, but I am now going on my 2nd year and LOVE it. I noticed the difference after 1 class and saw the difference after 1 month. I have lost weight and inches and see toning and feel stronger every time I work out at IMX Pilates.

Jacky K.

I didn't like the gym to crowded and I never had time or made the effort to go. I tried IMX Pilates and I LOVE IT! I always go and never feel bored or that it is crowded, they only allow 8 people per class, and the trainer, Alicia, is AWESOME! She motivates you while making sure you are doing it correctly I feel like I am getting a personal trainer every time I go! I will NEVER go back to the gym again! 

Linda M.

"Love, love, love my pilates AND zumba classes! The small classes are great...I see my friends and meet new ones!" Jana also won our Points Program Contest!

Jana A.

Great, friendly environment...small classes.Convenient location.

Kathleen M.

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