IM=X Pilates Health & Fitness Products

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4 IM=X® Pilates Mat DVDs plus a Ring!
1. IM=X Pilates Mat
2. IM=X Pilates Advanced Mat
3. IM=X Pilates Ring Workout (plus Floor Motion)
4. IM=X Pilates Classic


IM=X® Pilates Reformers

IM=X® Pilates reformer (Xercizer) is the strongest of its kind! Made in the U.S.A., it provides stability and comfort for individuals of all sizes.  There is a 10 year warranty on the main frame which is built of steel and aluminum siderails. Some of the unique features of our pilates equipment includes a larger and more stable jumpboard for plyometrics; a lumbar support for better stability and exercise variance; a large carriage with smooth glide; four positions for the shoulder blocks; three positions for the foot bar for varied height users. The IM=X Pilates reformer is crafted to provide a stronger experience and safer workout. Our customers feel the difference with our patented reformer and unique pilates program -- You will too! Your purchase price includes the following attachments:

  • Jumpboard
  • Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Footbar
  • Shoulder Blocks
  • IM=X Reformer DVD's and Ring

No Return Policy: Please note that used equipment may not be returned.


IM=X® Pilates Basic Mat

This is a must for those who want an overall workout! Innovative choreography and exercise science come together in this routine. After learning the fundamentals, you are introduced to our signature moves that tone your whole body in under one hour. (Please note that DVDs can not be returned if opened)

Preview a Basic Mat Workout >>


IM=X® Pilates Advanced Mat

Take your workout to a new level with IM=X Advanced Floorwork! Intense and fast-paced, you will be surprised by the results received in such a short period of time! Recommended for those who have mastered the IM=X Basic Workout.

Preview a Mat Workout >>


IM=X® Pilates Ring (with bonus Floor Motion Workout)

Learn new ways to use the IM=X Ring for maximum results. Tone hips, arms, back and legs; strengthen and flatten your abs. The Ring workout is an intense fluid routine! The bonus track of Floor Motion introduces new exercises - torso circles, oblique swings, and more.

Preview a Pilates Ring Workout >>


IM=X® Pilates Classic

Learn how to execute both traditional and advanced pilates moves in this hybrid workout. Focus is given to breath, alignment and stabilization. These eight sequences will tone your whole body and produce results quickly. As with all IM=X floor exercises, this DVD requires a Ring.

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2 Pack: IM=X® Pilates Xercizer (reformer)
The 2 Pack includes three reformer workouts!
1. IM=X Pilates Workout (8 sequences that address every muscle in the body and create rock hard abs!)
2. IM=X Pilates Lower Body (Intense hip, ab, butt, leg toning with jumps for calorie burning)
3. IM=X Pilates Stretch (Lengthen, strengthen and tone your whole body with a focus on the core)
Three powerful reformer workouts!


IM=X® Pilates Basic Xercizer (reformer)

Sculpt your body with the IM=X® Xercizer - which is known as the best pilates reformer on the market. The founder of IM=X® Pilates guides you through advanced IM=X® and traditional pilates exercises. Learn how to execute these challenging moves with clarity and power. After only a few workouts, you will achieve the tone, strength and flexibility you desire with IM=X® Pilates!

Preview an Xercizer Workout >>


IM=X® Pilates Lower Body & Stretch Xercizer

The Xercizer (reformer) Lower Body Workout offers sixteen sequences that target the hips, thighs, butt and abs. Learn high-intensity routines that concentrate on firming the hip and thigh area. Lengthen, strengthen and tone your whole body with the Xercizer Stretch Workout. Expand your machine routine and increase flexibility without losing the overall toning of the basic workout.

Preview a Lower Body Workout >>

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