Join Our Private Training Program

Your IM=X® Instructor will create a program tailored to your fitness level -- and designed to give you the toning, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and strength you want.


If you have not been involved in regular exercise for a while OR if you have never been an exerciser, The IM=X Starter Program is perfect for you! Our instructors will welcome you and take sincere interest in your objectives. The Starter Program is designed to lead you on the path towards fitness in a manner that fits your lifestyle. Programs and specific classes are recommended after some simple baseline tests (i.e. Body Composition, Strength, Flexibility). Our instructors will develop a well rounded routine for you which includes muscle toning, stretching and mild cardiovascular exercise.


After you feel comfortable with the basics, you will progress to a program that is more challenging. For example, your sessions may include routines that repeatedly target an area for endurance (i.e. lower body and abs). Or, you may take classes that focus on achieving more flexibility in the spine and hips which is effective for golfers and tennis players. Your instructors may recommend additional cardiovascular training to improve the health of your heart. Together we review your goals and help you achieve them.


Raise your fitness level with more advanced exercise formats that build on the basic routines. The IM=X Super Strong sessions are more intense and demanding -- thus optimizing your time and producing fantastic results. You and your instructor(s) will know when the time is right for you to take the challenge.

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