Spinal Fitness Certification

Learn how to design effective spinal fitness programs for post-rehabilitation and injury prevention. Lectures and exercise labs review posture analysis, self traction stretching, back care research, and demonstrate the effectiveness of IM=X Pilates at remediating general low back pain.

You will learn how to analyze and improve the health of the Spine Stabilization System. By analyzing movement process, posture, flexibility and stabilization you will learn how to give corrective exercise programs. Learn hands-on skills for altering posture, lengthening the spine and improving trunk muscle strength and recruitment.

The following three aspects of training are emphasized:
Therapeutic Exercise -- Learn how to select the appropriate floor and Xercizer programs for clients with back problems. The emphasis is always on conditioning the Spine Stabilization System with the Ring and the Xercizer. The exercises focus on muscular balance and core muscle recruitment patterning during limb movement. Trunk muscle strength and endurance results from progressing the client through clearly defined skill levels. Home programs are given to help the client continue corrective muscle strengthening.

Stretch Techniques - Gentle manual traction based on the Alexander Technique is used to increase spinal length without stimulating the stretch reflex. Stretch protocols increase mobility, joint play and decrease hyper-tonicity in the hip and spinal musculature.

Neuromuscular Re-Education 
- Learn verbal and tactile cues based on the Alexander Technique for increasing sensory awareness and improving spinal mechanics. Postural imagery re-educates the postural control system and improves daily movement patterns.

Length: 3 days (9:00-5:30)
Prerequisite: Required readings and successful completion of our IM=X Pilates Certification.
Written and Practical Exam Required